Why doesn't shotgrid officially support tk-3de4 3d equalizer?

I recently tried to add 3de r5 and r7 with shotgun desktop app 1.8.0 and tk-core version 20.
To use the shotgrid menu, r5 made it use PySide in startup.py, and r7 made it use PySide2. If you didn’t do this, the shotgrid menu couldn’t be loaded.

But there was another problem. If you run the existing internal script, the program terminates abnormally due to an unknown crash in 3D equalizer.

Since there are no error logs, I expected this problem to only occur when using PySide or when loading the shotgrid menu.

I think shotgrid should provide official support for this.
What do you guys think?
Has anyone solved the problem that occurred while moving to python3? Git related to tk-3de4 on google is of no help.

Its a community engine.

We had it working but some versions of R7 indeed have a weird Pyside related crash when the engine is running.