Where can I store images for wigdets?

I want to display an image in my overview page. (The image is only a graph) but if i store it externally as in a different Web Page, then the Web Page Widget doesn’t show it. It says: FIREFOX (or whatever) CAN’T OPEN THIS PAGE. But If I upload the image as a version for a task, when I add a thumbnail widget to the page, it is blurry.

The only way that it worked is if I store externally the image in Facebook. (Not very safe, uh?) What could I do?

Showing image for reference:

Hey Luis. As you’ve discovered, there’s not really a way in Shotgun to show an arbitrary image.
One workaround might be to paste this graph into a google doc, and then use a URL widget to embed that doc into Shotgun?


Hi @Luis_Bolan,

If you want to refer to the original file you uploaded as a thumbnail you can use the following URL which should work:


I think we’re all agreeing that this is a hack and your mileage over time may vary, but it should work.

Also, that message you’re seeing from Firefox means that photos.google.com is actively prohibiting Firefox from showing the content because it is embedded in Shotgun. This is not Shotgun’s doing. If the image was hosted on a web server you control, for example, or another less restrictive server, this can be made to work.

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Wow. That was very clear. Thank you.

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No. I tried that and it does not read images.

Google probably does the same active prohibiting in Docs as it does in Photos. I’m happy the thumbnail trick worked for you.