When do I create a PAT before or after ShotGrid Migration

The checkboxes for the migration say I need to create PAT before, but the documentation for creating PAT says I have to do it after migration. Since the migration is irreversible and I am using custom pipeline and Deadline I need to know which is the way forward?

OK I took a chance and created the PAT, but when I paste it into ShotGrid it says Date Created is an invalid date and it is showing as Red box. So I can assume my PAT is broken? The migration checkbox says I have to make sure my PAT is working before completing migration. So I cannot finish?

I tried connecting to ShotGrid with Thinkbox Deadline but it is still asking for password and not using the PAT as far as I can tell. What am I missing? Does the session token never expire now? Or in the Legacy setup I see “To access the ShotGrid API and legacy products that do not support Autodesk Account, both legacy login passphrase and personal access token are required to be set up.” Does this mean I will sill use a password and the PAT is the magic glue that will allow that to work?

Hi @mgoetsch

We have updated our documentation (Help), the PAT can be used as soon as your site has dual login enabled.

The purpose of the dual-mode mode is to allow users to authenticate either with Autodesk Identity or with the legacy ShotGrid login. The intent is to allow users to test with the new Authentication mode before the switch. And if for some reason there is an issue, they can still use the legacy Authentication.

For API access, the intent is the same: test the API access before the switch. So:

  • If a user defines a PAT in their Autodesk Identity account and then enters it in their User Profile on the ShotGrid site, it will then be used. If it has become invalid at the time of the API connection, you will get an error
  • If no PAT is present in a user’s ShotGrid profile, then API authentication will proceed as before.

Now, regarding the error you report, this is a bit troubling. Could you post an image/screenshot of the error that you are getting ? Feel free to message me directly with extra details (site name, username, etc.), that would help a lot.

Regarding the Personal Access Token (for others reading this):

  • It is generated in a user’s Autodesk Identity profile, and must be specifically for ShotGrid
  • It can only be added to a ShotGrid user profile that is associated with the same Autodesk Identity account where it was created. You cannot use PAT of user A for user B.
  • Once copy/pasted to your ShotGrid user’s profile, it allows you to use your legacy username and password (a.k.a. passphrase) which you were using for ShotGrid prior to the switch to Autodesk Identity.

So regarding your connection attempt : you would still use the same username and password, as before. If a PAT is present in the user profile, it will be checked and validated. If it is invalid, you will get an error.

The purpose of the PAT: any tool that would connect to ShotGrid with user credentials before the switch to Autodesk Identity will still be able to connect after the switch. Provided the user creates a PAT and enters it in their ShotGrid profile. No changes are required to the client application.

Hoping this proves useful. And please give more details as to your PAT error.


I posted screenshot and sent you my site in DM. My issue at this point is that I do not know if my PAT is working. I am able to use my username and password, but I cannot tell if that is due to PAT or because I have dual login since I haven’t fully migrated. I am hoping the former so I can complete the migration.

Hi @mgoetsch

Thanks for posting the image. The Invalid date is purely an unfortunate GUI issue. It does not impact the Personal Access Token.

The fact that there is PAT associated to your ShotGrid account means that it will be used. But there is an easy way for you to confirm that (but that will mean generating a new PAT and re-adding it to your user account on ShotGrid)

Here are the steps to confirm that the PAT is indeed used:

  1. in the ShotGrid interface, delete the PAT and run your script to confirm it works with your credentials
  2. in the profile.autodesk.com interface, create a new PAT and copy it to your ShotGrid user
  3. once added to ShotGrid, with the In good standing message shown, delete it in the profile.autodesk.com interface. Do this BEFORE you try to run your script or any other API access with that user.
  4. Now that your ShotGrid user refers to a now-deleted PAT, run your script again.

It should fail.

The script will work again if:

  • you delete the PAT from your ShotGrid account, or
  • create a new PAT in profile.autodesk.com and copy it to your ShotGrid account.

Hoping this helps,


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Thanks, I verified my PAT with this method.