How do I setup a Personal Access Token (PAT)

to authenticate API with username and password when submitting to Deadline after rebranding to Autodesk? The link to how to do this is missing in the migration steps page.


Hi @mgoetsch

The documentation on how to setup your Personal Access Token for ShotGrid is here : Help

The ability to setup your PAT is only available on sites who have started their migration to Autodesk Identity (which I understand is your case, but may not be for others who read this).

The migration process is made gradually available on individual sites. Site admins will be notified when it becomes available to them.

To put it simply, to know if your site has started its transition, your login page will look like this:
Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 08.05.24

A site that has completed its migration process with have a login page like this:
Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 08.05.13

If you still see the old username / password login, the site has not yet started its migration.

For a site who has not completed its migration, a PAT is not required. But you do set one, it will be used (meaning that you might see errors if that PAT is no longer valid if you delete it from your Autodesk profile page).


Hi Patrick,

I am trying to figure out if my site needs a PAT. All our users have 2 step verification. Do we need both?
The helpdesk is saying its only if you use tools outside of a web browser to log into your site but I am not an IT person so I dont really know what that means or what those “tools” would be.

Thank you.

Hi @heazim

Use of 2FA, or not, does not have any weight in the matter of Personal Access Tokens.

You do not need a PAT if:

  • you access ShotGrid from a web browser,
  • use ShotGrid Create,
  • use a recent version of RV
  • use a recent version of ShotGrid Desktop

Otherwise I suggest that you do ask your users to define a PAT and add it to their ShotGrid user settings. If it is not needed, then there is no downside. If it is needed, it is there.

Err on the side of caution : it is a 2 mins investment for your users, which can avoid headaches later.


Thanks Patrick thats really helpful. I agree with erring on the side of caution.