What's new in Shotgun 8.9

Hi everyone :wave: Shotgun 8.9 will be released to all hosted sites from today :rocket:.

There’s a comprehensive rundown of all the changes here as usual but in the meantime I wanted to specifically call out a couple of updates people have been waiting for:

The “Tags” and “Assigned To” fields are now included in the “keywords” option in the quick filter:

The permission group summaries are now a bit more readable:

We restored the ability to trash projects (but only for projects that are already archived, and even then we’ll try and dissuade you):

Finally, we’ve made a number of improvements to the importer in this release.

One of the most common complaints has been that when importing currency or percent data, or in the case of status or list fields, that the values would be matched in a case sensitive way. In any of those situations, the data could be rejected. So we’ve made some changes to better handle that kind of data, meaning spreadsheets like this can now be imported much more easily:

(As an added bonus, these changes also carry over to making edits elsewhere in Shotgun, so you can paste these kinds of values into fields directly and Shotgun will no longer complain about them.)

When mapping fields in the importer, we’ll try to fall back to matching column names you’ve used previously during import (when a more suitable match can’t be found automatically):

Hope you enjoy the changes, and we’ll have more to come soon!


Hope you enjoy the changes, and we’ll have more to come soon!

These are HUGE advancements and significant improvements to the importer and keywords functionality. I know I’m not alone here–THANK YOU!!


Oh this is nice :slight_smile:

Importer updates are much appreciated too.


Honestly if you’d just released this as a point update I would have been happy, thanks team!