What Should I Do When Experiencing Slowness on a Hosted Shotgun Site?

What should I do when experience slowness of loading Shotgun pages or uploading media? Is there any SOP I could follow to narrow down the possible cause of it?


Connecting to Shotgun Server does not consume too much bandwidth, thus it’s unusual if you are experiencing slowness while loading a shotgun page. What if you are seeing the slowness? A few things you could do to self diagnose your Shotgun site and narrow down the possible cause of it prior to get help from Shotgun support (which is of course always an option for you though.)

Questions to help us understand the situation

  1. Has the loading speed slowed down recently? Or has this always been an issue?

  2. Is this affecting only a select number of users? Or is everyone in the studio affected?

  3. Are you seeing the slowness with a specific page or any page of your Shotgun site?

  4. if someone can use a different network connection (a tethered phone, for instance) and see if that performs differently for them, it would indicate an issue on your end and not ours.

We have a connection test script you can run to give us some more information about the path your uploads are taking to get to our servers. You can find the tool on Github here: https://github.com/shotgunsoftware/shotgun-toolbox

Please run this tool using the --all flag so that S3 connectivity is included in the test.

If you are confident that it’s something on our end, please write to support@shotgunsoftware.com with all the answers to the questions above as well as the output of the connection test script, and we’ll dig in further to see what might be going wrong here.

For other slowness like uploading media, or slowness of playback loading, you could refer to the Diagnosing performance issues with hosted Shotgun sites.