Viewing Annotations on Versions timeline


Is there anyway to see all annotations on the timeline? It creates the annotation but the circle on the timeline disappears. It’d be nice to see all of them at once and being able to select them as you address notes. I thought we could were able to do that in the pass?



Hi @bonosmo, thanks for posting! The answer depends on which review tool you are using: Screening Room or Overlay player in the web UI, or Screening Room in :rv: , or :shotgun: Create, or even the iOS app. (Yes, we have too many review tools! But we’re working on fixing that. :slight_smile: )

:shotgun: Create allows you to load annotations back in the timeline to view in context of the Version, but none of the other tools have this ability. Well, in :rv: , you can save a session file and attach that to the Note you are creating, and that would allow you to rebuild the state of the session where you took the annotations, but this is probably not an ideal workflow.

Luckily the workflow in :shotgun: Create is the newest iteration, and is the platform that represents the future of review in :shotgun:, so this is the direction we are headed. If you are so inclined, please feel free to share your thoughts on this feature set with our Product team by using the Submit an Idea button on our public roadmap page.


I’m using the Overlay player in the Web UI.

I could have sworn the annotations dots persisted before, but guess I was wrong! Ok, I’ll let my team know.

The problem with SG Create is that it’s another tool for the team to adopt, and you can only see the version if it’s a task that’s assigned to you.