View list limited to 6 - can this be modified?


one of the repeatedly frustrating things in SG for me is the view list above an entiry page, e.g.:

It is limited to show only 6 views, anything after that is stuffed into the “More” menu.

I often work with a few partner companies and set up views for each one with their company name as the view name. Along with the default views I’d like to keep on every show I always get more than 6.

Since nobody ever checks the “More” menu (most don’t even notice the views), everybody misses out on helpful layouts and SG seems more convoluted to them than need be.

Why is the view list limited to 6 entries and can this be modified? There is lots of space to the left of the first entry, and I would very much like to use that space to make it easier for people to use SG.
In a way I woudl almost prefer no views and only one prominent (!) views button that pops out to show all options. Anything that makes this part of SG more intuitive for people.




I agree these things about the UI are annoying and make things more complicated than they have to be.

Let’s add this to the Product Board, I’ll submit it too, the more people that submit the same idea, the more chance it has in getting picked up sooner rather than later.
(I’ve submitted mine)

It could tie in nicely with some other polishing updates that have been released recently.

When you say product board …?

It’s the Roadmap page for ShotGrid, you can submit feature ideas there.

The forum automatically blows up the link into a preview which just looks like the webpage.

Ah, thanks. Had a senile moment there


Every studio I worked at were very frustrated about that

Request it on the roadmap as well! I just did too

+1, thanks for adding that to the roadmap.