Version Name Comparison

Hi, I’m a bit new to shotgrid.
I wondered if there is any way to make a filter that compare names of last versions of different pipeline steps.

I’d like to only have the asset that don’t have the same version !

Thanks for your help :wink:

Hi @Ben ,
A distinct constraint is not a thing a filter would allow you to do in ShotGrid.

Best option is to use the API (python is probably easiest).

I think in the SG-Webinterface you can only achieve this with a workaround. I would approach it as follows:
Goto a Versions list and tick the “latest” checkbox:

This way you’ll only have the latest version. Then Use the grouping feature and group by name:
Then select “show-all”:
Wherever you now have 2 entries in a group, you’ll have a duplicate.