Using Toolkit with an in-house versioning/workspace management system


I am new to toolkit and just starting to learn my way around. I see it has a naming driven versioning scheme by default. We already have an in-house version control and workspace management solution in production. Is it possible to wire in our system on the backend and keep the UI/SG/DCC integrations pieces in place ?

Potentially replacing tk-core/ at master · shotgunsoftware/tk-core · GitHub ? Or, would this potentially be done via a loader and publisher hook?



Yes you can just rejig some of the hooks so they either, don’t do anything (i.e. if your system does folder creation, just make the tk-core hook do nothing).

You can still use the api to make PublishedFiles etc, they dont have to be based on templates.
Its just how core usually works out of the box.

I would take some time to figure out what features you want core/toolkit to do and what you ould like your own system to do and where things meet.