Using the 30 day demo for consulting?

Are there any restrictions on use of the demo version? I have a potential client who wants some ShotGrid extensions, and I’m hoping to develop them using the demo version unless there’s a better option for one shot (so to speak) development.


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Commenting to follow and add my two cents.

I would really like to see a situation in which there was a free tier of SG with maybe a couple projects limit and storage too.

This would be really beneficial for:

  1. People wanting to make tutorial content in their own environment
  2. Developers who might want a complete sandbox or might want to create tools outside of a company environment.

Yes, I had that thought as well.

30 days is enough for this particular project, but if they want support later, that puts me in a bind. And sure, I can probably find a way to get another 30 day trial, but then I have to configure it all over again.

Getting access to the client’s system is a big deal because they are (rightly) absolutely paranoid about security.

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Your client can set up a dev site using the same subscription team in the autodesk settings,
They could then give you access there.

Otherwise, why not have your own site?