Demo Extension policy change

Hi all,

We are frequently creating new Shotgun sites as demos and clones in order to assist customers with customizing their templates. This is a critical part of our workflow and previously getting extensions up to 90 days from the support team meant that we had enough time to be able to complete the consulting process, and response was always fast and easy.

However, I’m told now that we have to go through sales reps to do extensions, and we don’t even have a sales rep for many of these as we are not the ultimate client. Can someone please elucidate on who we are supposed to reach out to for these extensions, and the details on this policy change? I’ve used the extend trial button in Shotgun itself but have never received a response.

I will say that it would be really nice if Shotgun made public announcements of changes which affect our processes rather than finding out the hard way.


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