Using a field to track something on a different asset

Hey guys! I have been wracking my brain for while here as a bit of a shotgrid noob.

A while back I made a field where it would list the most recent approved task which I have called ‘Recent Status’

Now here comes the tricky part, I have split an asset in two, with two separate workflows and linked them using an asset field, which I have called ‘Concept Link’. (on the 3D Work for the asset I have put a field on the asset’s page that has a direct link to the concept, this is unique per asset so I choose the concept here manually using the asset field)

I was hoping that I could use field from recent status, but instead of pulling the data from the current asset, pull the data from the asset in the ‘Concept Link’ field as crudely demonstrated.

Does anyone know how to do this,

Failing that is there a better was to pull the most recently approved status of an asset that is related to the asset that I have worked on? (Or any formal way to link them together?)
The Ideal world would be I end up with a field that is viewable in our asset list that tells me the current status of the 3D assets related concept asset
Kind of like below

Thanks so much in advance guys! :slight_smile:

What type of field is “Concept Link”? If it is an entity and not a multi-entity, you should be able to change your first value in that filter clause to record-hop:
“Link > Concept Link” “is” “current asset”

OK so,

i’ve double checked and remaded ‘Concept Link’ as an Entity field not a multi entity.

I’ve tried both

However, it is now not showing anything in the field, Whereas the correct answer should be 4-Final Asset,

I can’t get Link>Concept Link it isn’t on the list without picking asset as a category

I know the rest of the formula works OK as if I just link it directly to the concept it pulls 4-Final Asset as the correct status.

Is there anything obviously wrong with what I am doing?

Thank you so much for your help thus far Kim! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi @Markxu

It’s a little tricky to tell from the info I see, but do you by chance have a field called “asset” and “link” on your tasks? If so, this could be causing your issue. Tasks will link to their parent, in this case and asset via the link field. Given this, your second image showing your query going to “Link>Asset>Concept Link” should work if that field is fully filled out on your assets.

Just a note about your query, it’s going to be pulling tasks based on the sort order field. Usually this is blank by default so you might find changing that to “date updated” or something else, if they aren’t blank that is

“I can’t get Link>Concept Link it isn’t on the list without picking asset as a category”

This makes sense and your second screenshot is what I was picturing/expecting to work.

I might have an idea what is wrong.

When you make an entity field a mirrored field is created too.
For example, if your first asset is Chair, and you break out a concept asset: ChairConcept…

The Chair Asset has your concept link field showing “ChairAsset” and you will have another field (likely including something like “<–>” in the name) that on your “chair concept” asset shows that original asset “Chair”

So, try in your query field…
"Link > asset > [name of that field that mirrors concept link here] " “is” “current asset”

That should hopefully show you the tasks for the concept asset, from the current original asset record.


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OMG Somewhere between you you guys have cracked it!

I added the field Asset<->Concept link to my assets and updated that to contain the concept’s asset and the above formula worked! I didn’t need to change the query just which field was linked to the asset! Thank you so much guys! I actually don’t know which of you to mark as the solution as you both helped enormously and I am really grateful :smiley:

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