Usage count

Hello guys,
I’m apparently not be able to find a way to see usage count for some elements.
I can currently see the usage count of tags.
Could it be possible to see the usage count on pipeline steps and task templates?
I would also like to see in which project each are used.
Advice is appreciated!

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@nlyxe thanks for your question, and welcome!

Pipeline Steps and Task Templates currently don’t have that sort of usage information baked into the UI, and I can see how that’d be useful to have at your disposal. I’d recommend submitting a feature request to our product team.

This sort of info could be queried for with the API. You’d essentially need to iterate through each, and then query for a count of the number of entities using it. I.e. for each Task Template, query the entity type for which it is for, then query for a count of all of those entities where the “Task Template” field is populated with that template.

Thank you @brandon.foster !
Will do both =)


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