Updating path templates while maintaining backwards compatibility


Is it possible to update a path template but also retain the old version for backwards compatibility?

For instance we have a publish path template:
publish_path: '@version_path/(name}-v{version}[.{SEQ}].{ext}'
But want to change the - before the version to an _
publish_path: '@version_path/(name}_v{version}[.{SEQ}].{ext}'

The change works as expected for any new publishes but obviously anything published before the change does not get picked up in apps such as tk-multi-workfiles2 which requires the publish path to be set.

Similarly, thoughts go to methods such as get_path_template or apply_path_fields which we would want to work with old paths but return new templates.

Alternatively is it possible for a single path template to have an OR condition so that we first try using _ but fallback to -
In my head this would work/look something like this:
publish_path: '@version_path/(name}[_|-]v{version}[.{SEQ}].{ext}'
So all new publishes would use the first option _
But when querying existing publishes we check both