Upcoming TLS Certificate Renewal

There is a banner on our Shotgrid website that says “Upcoming TLS Certificate Renewal: On August 16th, we will be updating ShotGrid certificates. This operation sometimes impacts older, unsupported versions of Toolkit and TK Integrations. For more details, see this article.” The article appears to link to Shotgrid Community: https://community.shotgridsoftware.com/t/12743, but the article doesn’t exist or is private.

I have massive concerns about this. I’ve previously raised my concerns here and was assured that our pipeline would not be affected. In the reply marked as a solution the “Possible steps to take now in preparation of the Integration” does not give us any insight into this whatsoever.

We do work on older versions of toolkit, updating manually, because our studio is highly customized. Without more insight we have no way to prepare for this, no insight into what “too old” might mean, and a very tight (one-month) deadline if it will impact us. We have work scoped out for the full year (and further), which means this could present a significant issue to us.

So my questions are:

  1. How will communications be improved in the future?
  2. Are there any plans to reach out to developers when making these cutover plans, and to communicate these cutovers more than a month in advance?
  3. What does “older, unsupported versions of Toolkit and TK Integrations” entail?
  4. Where is the information missing from the banner?

Hi Jess, the article should be up now, sorry for the issue.

This operation is not linked to the rebranding operation. SSL certificates for our older domain are up for renewal, so we are giving clients a heads up they will be updated. We are not deprecating new versions of our tools/API, and if you are using currently supported versions there will be no impacts.

This is just a friendly reminder to update if you are not already on one of these supported versions.

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