Upcoming Okta upgrade may cause Shotgun Desktop login issues

The problem

Okta is set to release version 4.2.0 of their Sign-In Widget, which is incompatible with previously released versions of Shotgun Desktop (v1.5.7 and earlier). We can’t provide you with a date for this release by Okta, as this happens over a span of days on their end.

Note that you may also be affected if you are running RV, but that the Shotgun website and Shotgun Create are NOT affected.

How can I prepare?

If you are currently running Shotgun Desktop, you can simply quit and restart it. Shotgun Desktop should download an update automatically. To confirm you received the update, you can open the about box in the Shotgun Desktop by clicking on the user icon at the bottom right and select “About”. If you see Startup Version v1.11.2, you will not be impacted by the upcoming Okta change.

If you are greeted by a white login dialog in Shotgun Desktop upon startup, it means your Okta portal has been updated and you are currently locked out of Shotgun Desktop. You can fix this by downloading the newest version of the Shotgun Desktop (v1.5.8) from your Shotgun site in the Apps menu.


If you encounter an issue after the update, please contact support@shotgunsoftware.com.


Good evening,

The Okta deployment is under way as I write this. I can observe the new widget being used on a few Shotgun sites.

For users experiencing a blank ‘Web Login’ page, downloading the latest version of the Shotgun Desktop installer from your Shotgun’s ‘Apps’ is the quickest path to solving the issue.