Tk-multi-workfiles2: Add new tabs with different storage root

Hey everyone,

Quick background:
I have set up a new storage root for our project called “sync”. This folder is a reduced mirror of our “primary” folder structure. This sync folder is being sycned with remote artists.

What I would like to achieve:
I already managed to be able to publish to the “sync” storage root by simply supplying:
"root": "sync"
in the templates.yml to the relevant file templates, and then use that template in my publish plugin.

Now I want to support saving / opening workfiles to the sync directory as well. For example if we set up an animation scene for our external artists.
For that I essentially would like to have two new tabs in the tk-multi-workfiles2 app.

| “Sync - Assets” | “Sync - Shots” |

I would like to use all the same entities but when a user is on that tab they should only see the workfiles / publishes coming from the “sync” storage root. And of course if they create a new file and save it should be saved in the “sync” directory.

Has anyone an idea if and how this can be achieved?

I tried to dig around in the tk-multi-workfiles2.yml file and understand the available options: info.yml

It seems like that I can link path settings to a step?
  template_publish: maya_shot_publish
  template_publish_area: shot_publish_area_maya
  template_work: maya_shot_work
  template_work_area: shot_work_area_maya
  - caption: Assets
    entity_type: Asset
    hierarchy: [sg_asset_type, code]

I am not exactly sure where this step is coming from but from other threads I found out it has something to do with the:

In the file the environment is returned based on an input context. But I wouldn’t know how I would change this context based on the “Tab” that a user has selected in the tk-multi-workfiles2 app?

I am not sure though if this approach is heading in the righ directiont at all tough…

Maybe it could also be an option to add a new “Sync-Working” tab on the right side:

No Idea where this is configured tough and if it can be extended with what I want to achieve…

Hi @paulgolter !

At the moment what you want is not possible with the tk-multi-workfiles2 app. The app operates on the templates that you define in the config, which in turn are bound to a specific root (the “primary” by default) . Also there is no way to tie templates to specific tabs. So you are basically out of options. Of course you can always fork an app and implement the logic yourself, but that is often a lot of work and means that you have to maintain the app from that point forward.
Hope you LL find a viable solution for your issue soon!

Cheers Fabian

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