Workfiles2 multiple templates


Is it possible to make workfiles2 recognized multiple templates as work_templates? That is, I want to be able to load work files from multiple locations (actually, only two).

Since I suspect it is not, is the best solution to re-publish all files from the “old” location to the “new” one? If yes, is there a better method than query all publishes and re-publish them?

Thank you.


Hi @vtrvtr,

As far as I know, it’s not possible to have two schema templates, but I’m not 100% sure considering my limited knowledge of Shotgun Toolkit.

But if it’s not, you could refer to the doc Generating a path and publishing it to publish these files into your new project structure via Shotgun API. You may need to add some circulation or further modify the script in order to batch publish.



Probably the easiest solution is to define two separate instances of tk-multi-workfiles2 in your environment - they will show as separate buttons in the Shotgun menu, e.g. “File Open from X” and “File Open from Y”. Each instance can have different templates set up.

Maybe not as unified as you’d hope, but it is explicit.

Could be a nice feature request to allow a list of templates, instead of single ones.


That’s what I thought. Also, good alternative @mmoshev. Unfortunately I want it to be as transparent as possible for our artists, suddenly having two tabs to search would be unnecessarily confusing.

Thanks for the answers.

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