Tk-framework-shotgunutils Settings module scope

Hi all,

I’ve been been rewriting some apps we have in our own bundle_cache/app_store to remove the use of local json files used to store user data. To do this, I though to use the Settings module included in tk-framework-shotgunutils to store local machine data as shown here: This works fine for me as long as the data is stored and retrieved in the same app, but even with the scope being set to SCOPE_GLOBAL, I’m not able to share data between apps. I’ve been attempting to pull the setting data by running this inside apps:

settings = sgtk.platform.import_framework("tk-framework-shotgunutils", "settings")
settingsManager = settings.UserSettings(sgtk.platform.current_bundle())
settingsManager .retrieve("name I used to store the variable", 'default')

The same happens when I attempted to pull the data from inside a hook class using this:

framework = self.load_framework("tk-framework-shotgunutils_v5.x.x")
module = framework.import_module("settings")
settings = module.UserSettings(self.parent)
settings.retrieve("name I used to store the variable", 'default')

Am I missing something in regards to storing and retrieving local data to be used across apps and hooks? Right now I’m accessing user data for hooks through a json file being loaded by using

self.parent.engine.commands.get("App name").get('properties').get('app').disk_location 


And this definitely doesn’t seem like the correct way of storing and accessing data. Is Shotgun Toolkit Qt Settings Wrapper the best option to achieve this? Or is there a better way of sharing data locally across all of toolkit?