Tk-framework-adobe and UXP

From what I understand the Adobe integrations are still build on the Adobe’s CEP infrastructure instead of the UXP, announced in 2020 to replace CEP, if I am not wrong. Hence also why the plugin is grouped under legacy.

I am considering restructuring some internal SG toolkit code that relies on the tk-photoshopcc (which uses tk-framework-adobe). Hence, I would like to know, if possible, what is Autodesk’s timeline for the UXP transition? Or will the system remain on CEP indefinitely. will Adobe support that forever?


Bumping this as it seems pretty important, from what I can tell they will eventually end CEP support and I am hearing mixed messages that Apple Silicon CEP extensions are run in a compatibility mode so it seems like the end is nigh

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Seems important.

Make a ticket and reference this thread, the forum is not officially the place for tracking issues:

Hi! We are aware of UXP but since Adobe hasn’t make any big announcements about retiring CEP in a concrete timeline, we will remain on CEP till then. According to other tools, e.g. Premiere PRO (link) we have still years of time. Thank you!