Task Colors in Gantt View

Good day Shotgunners!

I know in my Gantt view, I can right click on my task and change either the color of the bar or select “use Pipeline step color”. Is there a way to set this by default when I create a new task ? Or do I need to always select this option manually for every task created?

Thanks so much!

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Hi @Meggie :wave:! Great to see you on the forums.

The default for gantt bar colors is using the pipeline step color, and there isn’t a way to change that—sorry about that! It be nice to get a sense of your use-case, like what you’d like the default to be? Ultimately, it’d be great to share your use-case with our product team too for future consideration:

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HI Shayna!

Nice to hear from you!
Where I currently work, for some reason the task bars in my Gantt all appear white! (In a new project that I have created) and I need to manually tell it to become the pipeline step colors…
Is there a place where the company I work for might have changed this ?
Maybe with some Global Page rules that is saved with the project template ? Is this possible ?

I will investigate further…

Thanks for you input!

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Sharing the cause after digging into the site a bit further with @Meggie :

While the the task bar color is set to be Pipeline Step by default while creating one-off Tasks, Task Templates may have different colors configured on template tasks. So, when applying Task Templates to an entity (like Shot, Asset, etc), the bar color will reflect what has been configured in that template—overriding the default pipeline step color.

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