"super-left" and "super-right" replacing meta key?

I was wondering if anyone else has hotkeys that are assigned to the ‘meta’ keys? I just discovered that 2022 seems to have replaced the meta nomenclature with ‘super-left’ and ‘super-right’. Is there an override for this or do we need to redefine hotkeys? Even so, 'key-down--super-left'-<anykey> seems to just actually mean 'key-down'--<anykey> and ignores the ‘super-left’.
This is using the Linux version.
thanks -

Ok, as it turns out, if anyone else is experiencing this also, we had to make a change in system settings, and force mapping the Meta key to the left windows key. Mapping all would mess up the French keyboard, so we are only mapping left, which is fine.
It is curious why this has never been a problem in previous versions, before the mappings were forced.

Humm… looks like systems isn’t willing to change something at this level, because it could affect other apps.

Is anyone from Autodesk/shotgrid happening to see this? I don’t seem to be able to file bug reports anymore, and it’s a big problem.