Next / Previous Annotation Key Bind doesn't work on PC

We are having trouble getting RV to jump to the next annotation using a keyboard shortcut. This works without issue on Mac, but not on our PC review station.

I read this thread which was super helpful about rebinding keys. But I don’t see “Next Annotated Frame” or “Previous Annotated Frame” listed anywhere.

  1. Can this be remapped on PC?
  2. If so, would anyone know what the command is called?
  3. Does anyone else have another solution or workaround?


Thank you for reporting this issue !
Keyboard shortcuts involving the meta (windows) key are tricky on Windows because they might already be used by the OS which his exactly the case here. With the aim of preserving the existing keyboard shortcuts on Mac+Linux, we have fixed this issue by adding alternative ALT based keyboard shortcuts to the Annotations tool. This fix will be available in the next version of RV but in the mean time you can replace the following file in your RV installation with the one in attachment.

Next Annotated Frame = ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT_ARROW
Prev Annotated Frame = ALT+SHIFT+LEFT_ARROW
Delete previous word in text annotation = ALT+BACKSPACE
Kill line in text annotation = ALT+A
End Text Edit in text annotation = ALT+ENTER

Legacy (won’t work on Windows because of the meta key but at least preserved on mac+linux):
Next Annotated Frame = META+SHIFT+RIGHT_ARROW
Prev Annotated Frame = META+SHIFT+LEFT_ARROW
Delete previous word in text annotation = META+BACKSPACE
Kill line in text annotation = META+A
End Text Edit in text annotation = META+ENTER

Please let us know if it resolves your issue.

Thanks !

Bernie (13.1 KB)

Thanks so much! This did the trick.