SSL_Connect verify failed

Hi everyone,
I am testing out the webhooks feature but getting the following error. I have the verify ssl checkout off.

Has anyone else experienced this?

SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed

Hi @Jimmy_Marrero, welcome to the Shotgun forums!

The Webhook you’ve setup communicates with your endpoint via HTTPS (the URL you specified in the webhook is HTTPS)?

If so, is the certificate for the target server self-signed? What kind of certificate do you have?

It looks like our Webhooks mechanism might be having a hard time verifying your server’s certificate for encryption.

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Hello @bouchep, thank you for getting back so soon.
I actually do have a self-signed certificate. I have been reading that that might be causing the issue. Is it safe to assume that this might be it?


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’ll be the problem. Because the certificate is self signed we won’t be able to validate it up to a trusted root certificate and the SSL connection won’t be able to be established.

You’ll either need to use a certificate that can be validated or use HTTP (no S). The latter might be ok for some testing if you have a firewall which whitelists our IPs in front of your endpoint but I wouldn’t go to production with that. For production I’d strongly suggest a certificate.

You might want to check into Let’s Encrypt.