Split tasks in Resource Planning

Does Resource Planning take task splits into account? For example, I have a task that is split into two parts:

The first split is from march 5 - march 10, then there is a 3 day break (for review), then the second split is from march 18-20. The workload is correct at 9 days.

In Resource Planning, however, the workload is 1 for every day in that span, including march 13-15, which should have no workload according to the splits:

So is this a limitation of Resource Planning, a bug, or am I missing something?

It currently does NOT take split tasks into account:


Ah, that is a shame, since it means the data in Resource Planning will be incorrect, making it difficult to use.

Thanks, @Ricardo_Musch

Yes agreed.

Could you split the task for real though?

i.e. comp wip, comp final or comp 010, comp 020?

Yeah I’ve thought of that. I’m not sure that that’s really feasible since it adds such unnecessary complexity to status reports and scheduling.

Wht are you currently splitting it for?
What is the reasoning?

Since some of the time during a task duration is actual work (the bid) and some of it is waiting on reviews to come back, the idea is to more accurate define an artist’s workload during that time.

Task 1 → Bid
Task 2 → Comp

Just a suggestion.
Also some status automations may help make this less of a hassle :slight_smile:

Another thing you could consider is whether or not it might work to customize the Workload calculation to better suit your needs, as described on Help.

For example, maybe you have some other field on your Task entity besides duration which more accurately captures the amount of “true” work to do or maybe it would work to use a calculation that basically says “the workload is duration x 0.8 because artists typically spend 20% of the task duration waiting for reviews” or if you are using time logs you could do something like “the workload is the bid minus time already logged.”



Yeah, exactly what I’m considering! Been thinking about adding the multiplier.

We’re not using time logs but I like that idea of bid minus time logged as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

I would recommend using timelogs if you are expecting to do anything usefull with bid info in SG.

You could set up pages/views that tell you exactly which shot/asset/person you need to check in with because the time logged is over the bid time or close to.

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