Sorting Gannt Chart - Critical Path vs Alphabetically

Currently trailing Shotgun, and have hit a small hurdle trying to view the critical path for a project in the Gannt view. Ideally I would like to sort the Gannt view top to bottom by an asset start date. You can sort individual tasks this way ‘within an asset’ it seems, but not by the ‘asset’ (or group). Every asset in the Gannt view is, by default, sorted alphabetically. I have been searching but can’t seem to find a way to achieve what I need. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Thank you.

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Damo, you may want to look at the preferences, nested deep inside the preferences is an esoteric feature which allows you to set and configure the sorting order of fields. Forgotten the exact section but my guess is it’s under Advanced. Tuning your field sorting order will likely help you resolve your Gantt view. For example you could change the sorting order of your task link field to be driven by the start date rather than alphabetically. I have only used this option a hand full of times when setting up a SG instance for a facility that was heavily planning focused, but it does do the trick and should help you out. It would be nice if this feature could be driven from a page view rather than globally from preferences. Maybe with SG doing work to improve scheduling they can improve this hidden and critical scheduling feature.

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Wow, thank you Romey. I have found the entry you mentioned and just need to figure out the short code to use. It was literally at the bottom of the site preferences as you mentioned. I would have never seen this otherwise, thank you again.