Schedule page to be ordered by start date not alphabetical order

I have not been successful figuring out the entity:field code combination to have my schedule page list out by ‘start date’ and not alphabetical order. whaaaaat is it

If your Schedule page is a list page of Tasks, there should be a Sort menu beside the Add Task button where you can specify the field (Start Date) to sort Tasks on.
Possibly if you are also Grouping, then the sorting will only apply within a group of Tasks.
Post a screenshot of your Schedule page if these options don’t seem to apply

@schicky I currently have sort by ‘start date’ and group by ‘link’ - the schedule page lists out in alphabetical order - but I would like for it to be in order of start date

I don’t think this is possible without some automation or scripting.
You want to sort the grouped Links by the Link with the earliest Start Date.
But Link (Asset) doesn’t have a field for Earliest Start Date unless you fill it in…
We have a Query Field on Asset to show the Earliest Start Date, but unfortunately Query Fields are only calculated at page display time, and can’t be used for sorting or grouping.

To write proper values to a sortable/groupable field, I think you’d need to set up an Event Daemon automation triggered by any Task Start Date update, and write the earliest Start Date among all Tasks under an Asset to a field on the Asset itself.

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A webhook could also do the trick and would be serverless :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply @schicky

thanks @Ricardo_Musch - thought this would be a ‘right click’ configuration sort thing. I guess I ask too much