Show a Link's Links somewhere

Hi help,
I’m trying to build a vendor-delivery and would like to link all the versions that are linked to items in that delivery… but I cannot seem to make a custom tab which filter versions that are linked to items that are linked to that delivery (double-hop).

Is there a GUI work-around?

I can do it offline easily enough using SELECT statements from the 3x exported csv tables… but I would like to have an exportable table online that refreshes when more applicable items get tagged.

I’m hoping someone can show me a different type of page view or something where I can achieve this.
Currently I can link Slates in a similar fashion by creating a “query field” and then exporting the Delivery as a CSV, but this wont work for Versions due to >1000-items-in-a-single-field limit.


I’m not sure I completely understand what you are trying to do, could you elaborate a bit with screenshots perhaps?

Are you using the Delivery entity?

What items are you reffering to?