Shotgun server Postgres DB upgrade from 9.6 to 11.12 -- Transcoder issues

Hey there.

We recently upgraded our postgres db from 9.6 to 11.12.
Everything seemed good all through the weekend until we noticed that thumbnails and preview files were not appearing on new versions.

Shotgun version is (serving ourselves from a Docker container on Amazon EC2 instance).
Postgres db via Amazon RDS instance.
Transcoderserver version 6.5.0
Transcoderworker version 10.7.0

I started noticing this in the transcoderworker logs:
"/home/shotgun/app/src/operations/lib/database_operation.rb:35:in 'exec': ERROR: relation \"part_jobs\" does not exist (PG::UndefinedTable)"

The containers themselves seem to be running fine.

This seems like a migration error. I modified the docker-compose.yml database image portion from postgres:9.6 to postgres11 figuring that’s all that was required.

Should there be some intermediary migration step for Docker to handle this or is this something specifically to do with the transcoder server/worker containers themselves that needs addressing?

Hope someone out there ran into similar issues in the past because I’m at a loss with this one.


I think most of the forum members will not be running the self hosted version so you may be better off making a support ticket:

Autodesk Support Cases

Hello, we have the same problem here on our local shotgun when we tried to add transcoding service to our already running shotgun-app. The problem occur with postgres 9.6 version here.
Did you found a fix ?

Honestly I don’t really remember. We zoom called with an SG engineer who helped us through it.
It might have been something as simple as doing
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

Ho ok, thank you