‘Shotgun Review for RV’ deprecation FAQ

As we move forward with the deprecation of ‘Shotgun Review for RV’, we wanted to make sure you had the appropriate context for this work. We’ve created this handy FAQ to help you better understand what’s happening!

If the ‘Shotgun Review’ package is going away, will I still be able to review media in Shotgun?

Review at Shotgun remains a key aspect of our portfolio that we believe drives critical conversations between the creative and business aspects of a studio.

The ‘Shotgun Review’ package is only one small part of the entire review ecosystem in Shotgun. As we examined our review ecosystem in Shotgun, we found multiple review experiences, with each one offering a unique defining workflow, but duplicating everything else. Since this is causing a lot of confusion for our customers, we’ve begun an effort to clarify our review ecosystem in Shotgun.

Our goal is to converge the various aspects of the review ecosystem into a single review experience, which has all the workflows people depend on for reviewing media in Shotgun.

The first stage of this convergence effort is deprecating the ‘Shotgun Review for RV’ experience, and evolving its defining workflow: cut support. While we work to evolve the cut support workflow, we’ve migrated the workflows found in ‘Shotgun Review for RV’ to other locations in the review ecosystem in Shotgun, so you can continue working exactly as you have in the past!

Where do I find the workflows that were in ‘Shotgun Review for RV’?

The cuts tray, where you can: load cuts, display mini-cuts and filter by pipeline step and status, can now be found in Screening Room, both on the web and RV. You can still navigate to the cuts tray inside of Shotgun by clicking on “Play in Screening Room for RV”, bringing you into the familiar interface, which looks and functions exactly like it did in ‘Shotgun Review for RV’. You can easily switch between the Screening Room browser and the cuts tray with the “clapper” icon on the far left side of the toolbar (see image below).

The Cut Import app and the Python Console have moved from the ‘SG Review for RV’ package and into a ‘Base SGTK’ package that initializes on launch of RV. It will remain available for those customers who rely on it.

What are the steps for migrating from ‘Shotgun Review for RV’ to Screening Room?

Basic system requirements:

Since the ‘Shotgun Review for RV’ functionality has moved to Screening Room, your workflows should remain intact as you migrate packages in RV. This means you don’t have to change anything in terms of how your cuts are structured or how data is managed inside of Shotgun!

The ‘Enable Shotgun Review for RV’ section in Shotgun preferences is what’s being deprecated, and ultimately removed. In the next release of Shotgun, we’re automatically turning this off (see image below), which will change all the language on the Shotgun site to ‘Screening Room’ instead of ‘Shotgun Review’. In subsequent releases, this section will be removed. For now, you can still manually enable the preference, to check your work as you migrate your workflows.

What is the future of review in Shotgun?

As we continue to converge our review ecosystem in Shotgun, we anticipate you’ll be able to leverage this work as it’s made available. Our goal is to continue bringing you more information and context to your reviews, so you can work faster and smarter, helping you and your team deliver more impactful work to audiences around the world.

What if I need more help?

Please create a ticket at Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Knowledge Network and someone will help answer your questions!


Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about Screening Room, you can check out our documentation here!

Did the “Enable Shotgun Review for RV [Deprecated]” option already disappear? Cannot find it in the site preferences anymore…
A date for the planed removal would have been nice. :confused:

Hi Fabian,

Apologies if we’ve broken your workflow!

Yes, the option is currently hidden from the user as of Shotgun version

We can still enable SG Review for your site on our end, but you’ll need to go through support at support.shotgunsoftware.com. Please note that this is a courtesy to actively transfer from SG Review to Screening Room, and we can help you through that process.


Hi @alexaz !

Thanks for the info! I think I can handle it. If not you will here from me in the support channel :grimacing: .


This post helped us get the “Cut Tray” icon working when launching RV from a version via “Play in RV”. Maybe its useful for some of you!