Shotgun Review automatically turned off in next release of Shotgun

As part of the staged deprecation of Shotgun Review for RV, we’re automatically turning off the Shotgun Review preference for all hosted sites in the next release of Shotgun, while ‘Screening Room’ and ‘SG Integration’ preferences will be automatically turned on. A soft deprecation of Shotgun Review for RV will occur in the following release, with a hard depreciation in a future release.

We encourage all users to migrate any Shotgun Review workflows to the replacement workflows in Screening Room before either of these deprecations.

If you need any assistance, please submit a ticket at

Sorry just to be clear, RV Review support will stay for Screening Room? (i.e. inside RV instead of on the web only)

@Ricardo_Musch, yes!

In fact, cuts workflow has been migrated into the Screening Room. Shotgun Review package itself is going away. You can read some more info here:

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