Shotgun Review fields / statuses don't match changes made in Shotgun Project?

Hey all, we’re in the process of streamlining and automating workflow here, but I’ve come across an oddity. I’ve been using a dev project to revise statuses etc, but I’m not seeing this reflected in RV in Shotgun Review. Statuses and field names in RV appear to date to the creation of the project, but I can’t seem to find how it’s finding and applying this information. It appears to be project specific.

Any thoughts/suggestions?




Hi Mark,

My initial thoughts on this one is that it might be cached. In Shotgun Review, it uses a toolkit cache, so possibly you are getting the first time it encountered this schema?

Can you try closing out RV, moving your cache out of the way, and then restarting RV? The cache should re-create itself, and if that is where it is coming from, you should see a refreshed set of statuses, etc.