Shotgun for software/pipeline development?

I’m curious, can Shotgun be used for general software or pipeline development? As a replacement for Jira?


Hi @aoakenfo,

Shotgun does have a Ticket entity whose purpose is indeed to act like a Jira ticket or software development ticket. For the longest time, Shotgun itself used Shotgun to track its development by leveraging this entity type.

So, although you can use this to track your software development and multiple clients do so, it isn’t Shotgun’s primary purpose and you’ll notice that beyond simple ticket tracking, more advanced features offered by applications like Jira, Bugzilla, FogBugz, Trac, Github, Bitbucket or so many others, may be absent.


Adding to Patrick’s, here is the doc for Tickets, revisions, and releases for software development, which might inspire you a bit.