Shotgun Event daemon crashing on windows

Hi all,

we are seeing an event daemon crashing all of a sudden after running fine since last November. After moving all contents from the log folder it seems happy again.
Sounds like maybe the id file was corrupted or something (the one telling Shotgun where to start to cleat the backlog). Any ideas what may have happened here in case we encounter this again?


C:\Users\Admin>C:\Python27\python.exe "c:\Users\Admin\Documents\PYTHON_SCRIPTS\RESOURCES\shotgunEvents-master\shotgunEvents-master\src\" foreground
INFO:engine:Using Shotgun version 3.2.4
INFO:engine:Loading plugin at C:/Users/Admin/Documents/PYTHON_SCRIPTS/RESOURCES/shotgunEvents-master/Plugins\
CRITICAL:engine:Crash!!!!! Unexpected error (<type 'exceptions.EOFError'>) in main loop.


It is unclear where the EOF error is being thrown. It could be various things.
You should use faulthandler to get a backtrace and work out an idea of what is crashing. Could there be syntax problems with your plugin?

Thanks @mmoshev , the strange thing is that this plugin had been running without trouble since November and suddenly these crashes occur. When this happens the daemon crashes immediately when I run it in the foreground for debugging, even when the plugin itself is not triggered yet. When I delete the id file (the one the daemon generates to clear backlogs after a crash), it starts working again, so it very much feels like the id file is corrupt or windows stumbles over it’s own feed with write permissions or some such thing.

I will have a look at using faulthandler next time it decides to barf.


Oh, then it is probably an access issue in the log directory? Try setting up a simpler script that just writes something in the log directory and see if that works.

Yeah, that is what it feels like. I need to wait for it to happen again since it’s sporadic.
Thanks @mmoshev , much appreciate your help here!