Critical Crash shotgrid event daemon on startup

The shotgrid daemon i’ve setup from the github has crashed the other day and is now refusing to startup and load the plugins. After some more tries with the log infos on, i’ve received this error message, but i can’t find a solution online about this particular problem.
Any help appreciated! It was working fine for two months before that.

2023-02-08 12:22:36,145 - engine - CRITICAL - Crash!!!!! Unexpected error (<class 'EOFError'>) in main loop.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\shotgrid\shotgridEvents\shotgunEvents\src\", line 365, in start
  File "C:\shotgrid\shotgridEvents\shotgunEvents\src\", line 389, in _loadEventIdData
    self._eventIdData = pickle.load(fh)
EOFError: Ran out of input

still having the problem!

You might have to delete the id file and start the daemon again. Its location is determined in the daemon config file.


Big thanks for the tip! I deleted the eventID file, but now instead of an error, i get no log updates anymore at all, and all my plugins still don’t work :sob:
VSCode gives me a bunch of six.moves.cPickle and six.moves pylance errors, not sure if that’s related to that?

This is just a warning that says the source for six module could not be found in order to analyze its symbols. It is by no means fatal.
Don’t know what the other error is.