Shotgun / Deadline Integration

I am attempting to connect our Deadline render farm to our Shotgun Web app, and I believe what I’m finding is that if Shotgun is set to SSO, Deadline can not connect? Is this the case?

If so, what happens to the users when I turn off SSO and switch to normal user/pass login?

Hey Welcome to the community Josh!

Are you using the Deadline integration tester? If so, what is the error?

Shotgun Settings

Hey Doug!
I am. Our Shotgun instance is currently set up with SSO, tied to our AD account. (Which I have explored removing and going with a standard login.)
I’m getting the following error:
class ‘shotgun_api3.shotgun.UserCredentialsNotAllowedForSSOAuthenticationFault’
Authentication using username/password is not supported for an SSO-enabled Shotgun site.

Sorry, I’m still not answering your original question:

what happens if you turn off SSO

Maybe if we chatter long enough someone at Shotgun will reply :wink:

It stands to reason that if you need to open a Super Awesome Support Ticket to enable SSO, you’d do well to open a ticket for the reverse operation?


If you’re still convinced there’s a way to keep SSO and get Deadline to behave…

On Shotgun’s page about SSO:

  • If you use the Shotgun Python API or the Shotgun REST API, it will no longer be possible to connect to Shotgun using only a username and password. Your scripts will need to be modified. Our support team can provide help and advice.
    NOTE : using an API Key and Script Name pair will still function and will not require changes to your scripts or applications.

Just reading your error, and taking it at face-value, it appears that Shotgun senses that Deadline is trying to authenticate using simply a username/password.

On this Deadline page, it is saying that if you are using Deadline Secrets Management, the Shotgun API Key will need to be stored there.

This page runs thru setup of Secrets to connect to MongoDB

Well, this is my best guess anyway, without a Deadline server in front of me!

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