Mixed Auth, SSO/Shotgun Auth

We’re looking at implementing SSO into our shotgun site. As a little background we also work regularly with 3rd parties who would directly need access to our site. I am curious if anyone has achieved the ability to enable mixed authentication methods for shotgun?

In a perfect world we would like to be able to add internal company users to shotgun using SSO to piggyback off of our identity management provider. However, to enable external parties in this case we would have to create internal company accounts for them to access via SSO. Is it possible to have some users who are internal use SSO to authenticate and have external 3rd parties access with a shotgun login?


Hi, Evan :wave:

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At this time, being able to mix authentication methods is unsupported in Shotgun. The request has come up before but it would be great for you to add feedback on our Shotgun Roadmap link (see the option in the upper right corner “Submit Idea” ) in your own words.

Thanks for sharing!