Shotgun Create shuld be able to play even if no task is linked

I am unsure why we are unable to play versions in Shotgun Create if there is no task linked to them. There may be specific use cases for this but in my opinion this is an unnesesary limit:


Hi Ricardo, happy new year! We’re going to be adding the ability to do this once we enable playlists in Shotgun Create.

Happy New Year, Good.
But just so we are clear, it won’t need a playlist to play right?

I just think its best not to impose limits just like RV.
I understand that in the perfect way you would only see stuff in Shotgun Create that is assigned to you with all the new review options but we dont have the manpower to keep all that up to date.
Our supervisors just want to right click and play in Shotgun Create so that they can do quick desk reviews. It works for that, but not if it’s limited based on it’s link.