Shotgun Create doesnt save my login

I have a user on MacOS Catalina and each time they launch create it asks for the site and the login credentials, whereas Shotgun Desktop does not. Any ideas?

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First, welcome to the forum!

This is strange, Shotgun Create’s embedded browser should be serializing the cookies on disk for the next sessions. This should make the app “automatically login” at the next startup. The only moment where Shotgun Create explicitly destroy the session is after an update that changed the version of the embedded browser or one of our key components.

Can you tell more about the issue? How often your user have to enter his credentials in a day? What is the usual time between each times?

If it’s systematic, you might want to try to erase browser cache and data by deleting ~/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/Shotgun Create/QtWebEngine and ~/Library/Caches/Autodesk/Shotgun Create/QtWebEngine. By doing this, you reset the internal browser state. If the reason is a corrupted cookie store, that corrupted DB is now deleted and will be automatically re-created at the next launch.

Kerby Geffrard


Each time I would close and open again it would ask for this information. Let me give killing the cache and data a shot.