Shotgun Actions, how do I clear cache during dev

I’m developing some custom Shotgun Actions and while developing I’ve noticed some actions that no longer appear in my code appear to get stuck in the menu. I also have some NEW menu items that ive added that I cant get to appear. There must be some kind of cache or something thats holding onto these items. Ive tried restarting SG desktop, clearing the cache/cookies in my browser but I cant seem to get it to update.


  1. Update your app’s yaml file’s modification time in <sg-pipe-config>/config/env/includes/settings/..., e.g. adding some comments or empty lines and save it.
  2. Refresh the Shotgun page and right click to initialise a re-cache for future page loads
  3. Refresh the Shotgun page again to pickup the newly cached menu items

Steps 3 might not be necessary if the page picks it up the first time, but I’ve included it as it has helped other people cache and load the menu items on their web-browser/machines.

See Integrations Admin Guide “Caching - When is the cache invalidated?”

If you want to force refresh all menu actions of all apps for your user, which may take a long long time so keep an eye out on tk-shotgun.log and tk-desktop.log: try tank clear_cache