Shotgrid Pipeline TD job: Expressions of Interst: Stage23 Sydney

Stage23 Sydney is looking for a senior Shotgrid Toolkit pipeline developer

Who We’re Looking For:

A pipeline developer, mainly for Shotgrid Toolkit integration for the following DCC:

  • Maya
  • 3dsmax
  • Houdini with PDG integration
  • Nuke
  • Substance Painter/Designer

This is for an on-prem / cloud-based hybrid system.

We are looking for an immediate start. We’d prefer full-time (local and/or International) for the first few months, followed by a part-time/flexible work arrangement but are flexible.

Stage23 is an artist-run VFX company based in Fox Studios, Australia. Our talented team creates top-end 3D and 2D VFX for a host of local and international projects.

Stage23 was founded by experienced VFX artists and supervisors who wanted to create a company that put artists first. We encourage our team to grow as creatives and take on new challenges, and are open to flexible and remote working. We strive to stay fresh and exciting, and keep a personal touch in all aspects of our business.