Shotgrid Dev wanted for a mid size post house -


We are currently in search of a proficient pipeline developer or a compact team specializing in executing seamless shotgun integration and comprehensive pipeline development. Our primary focus is on data automation and proficient file management, ensuring smooth transitions between ShotGrid and artist interfaces. The automation process encompasses automatic versioning, data transfer, and all associated intricacies.

At present, our utilization of ShotGrid remains largely at its basic configuration, lacking robust file management capabilities. It is paramount that the chosen solution is tailored for a long-form episodic VFX pipeline, thus prior experience in this domain would be immensely advantageous.

We are open to diverse engagement models, spanning from a comprehensive contract for initial setup and deployment, to the possibility of ongoing maintenance post-implementation.

If you possess the requisite expertise and are enthusiastic about this opportunity, kindly reach out to me at

thanks in advance
Pawel Krzeminski
Televisor Post

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