ShotGrid Integration 1.5 Release Notes


What’s new?

Dropping support for Python 2. Running ShotGrid Desktop with Python 2 will no more gets auto-updated and will remains on Toolkit Basic Config v1.4.6


  • Improved error messages
  • Removed support for Python 2.7 in tk-framework-desktopserver
  • Add a check to stop auto-updating tk-config-basic in tk-framework-desktopstartup

Fixed bugs

  • Fix crash issue when saving a new shot on Nuke 13
  • Fix issue on Nuke 13 crashing on saving with a custom shot_root path
  • Fix Nuke segfaults when running in terminal mode and using the tk-multi-publish2 API
  • Fix an issue where The “Update task” actions were clickable even if the task action was already done in tk-multi-shotgunpanel
  • Fix incorrect quit shortcut on Windows
  • Fix an issue when there’s a white space in the “Login” field
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