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Hey folks!

From the moment I began my SG admin journey back in 2017, I couldn’t help but feel that the default status icons were, well, a bit stuck in the past. Some of them didn’t play nice in dark mode, when highlighted or when using colored backgrounds or custom formatting rules on top, and I feel it’s high time for a change.

After snooping around various SG instances across the industry, I was surprised by the diverse approaches people took. Blocks of color, emojis, plain text… You name it, it’s probably out there!

That’s why I’m starting this thread: to create a hub where we can all share the custom icons that add some flair to our instances :sparkles:. and collectively make SG a more visually appealing experience for everyone!

On my end, I’ve developed a fondness for the old Windows 10 emojis. Their thick strokes, flat colors, and clear rendering at the small 16x16px size that SG uses have made the trick for a while. Emojipedia has been a goldmine of inspiration for this, and a bit of Photoshop has given them the perfect look in some situations.

As I’m currently in the process of setting up another SG instance, I’m eager to learn about the creative approaches you all have taken. Share your icon secrets with the community and well, maybe drive some change to make SG a bit prettier out of the box!

If you’re curious about the icons I use, I’ve tossed them into a Google Drive folder for anyone interested. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeves!


I’m always envious of studios that take the time to organise status icons in a unified design. It usually suggests that there’s a common workflow when it comes to tracking in production as the set of icons that are needing treatment are finite and considered. Well done!


Duncan Laurence Dream GIF - Duncan Laurence Dream GIFs

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