Shotgrid Create Portable

Hi, does a version without installer for windows exists for Create? Thanks!

Hi @macbeth,

The installers have merge modules that make sure that you have the required dependencies to run ShotGrid Create and post-install steps that make sure that you have the right shortcuts and that legacy services are removed.

What are you trying to solve with a portable installer?


Hi! Sorry for the late reply, the reason for this is that is not that easy to install a software in my studio, it has to go trough legal department, that’s why I was looking for a portable version (you guys actually offer one for RV) so we could test it before going trough legal.

But with no option now I’m going trough legal department and I cant find any info of the software to show it to them (they don’t have access to our shotgun server)

Can you help me with a link that shows the software, and states that is is included with the shotgun license, and does not cost anything more?

Anyway I can get the EULA without installing the software? thanks!!