Shotgrid annotations not functional with MS Surface (windows ink)

-I got a MS Surface Studio 2 to do annotated reviews.
-To my surprise (but kinda not surprised as SG is awful), it appears SG review doesnt work at all with Windows Ink.
-No matter how much you draw with the stylus, you only get the occasional dot. Finger input as well.
-Please don’t tell me to turn Windows Ink off, because for a MS Surface Studio, Windows Ink with stylus is the primary input method.
-Please don’t tell me to use RV, as I need to be able to do this in browser.
-Yes I tried in multiple browsers, all up to date. I am on Windows 10 latest build.
-How could such basic and obvious functionality not be supported in SG? I am sure tons of creatives use MS surfaces. (Studio, or laptop/tablet).
-I have 1000s of shots to review. Please help!


Did anyone ever come up with a solution for this. Still an issue with MS Surface Pro 6.

Hello Both,

sorry to hear this is an issue!

I dont have any issues using this feature on my Wacom with Windows Ink enabled so I suspect there is some sort of translation layer not working between the browser and the way the pen works on Windows Tablet Mode.

I have 2 sugestions:

  1. Both add your problem/feature request to the Product Roadmap:
    The Roadmap is what the product teams use to assess what features are requested most by the community.

  2. Create a Support case (if everyone using tablets does this it will be a louder voice).
    Post Purchase SupportHelp Using my Software → etc…

While my suggestions do not immediatly fix your problem they help log this missing feature/bug/breakage in the official systems rather than being a forum post.


this issue may be resolved via my solution here:

Actually that’s not true. I did try to turn windows ink off. Remember the idea is to use the native surface stylus on the surface screen itself.

The behavior is identical in ipad OS chrome or safari also with regards to Apple Pencil. So I don’t think it’s the os or windows ink.



I dont have a surface so I can’t test this myself but the solution works for Chrome/Firefox and Wacom tablets on Windows itself so I suspect a similar issue happens on the Surface tablet.

Hi thanks, but It is not the same issue. I have MS Surface and Wacom attached to it as well. I can confirm MS Surface pens will not work in Shotgrid with or without Windows Ink active.


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In that case I would log a bug via support

+1. Can we get a fix for this? Frankie and Syncsketch work fine.

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Best to send a ticket to support so they can see more people view this as an issue that needs to be adressed.
The forum is not an official place to ask for feature requests and bugfixes.