Shot grid online software does not recognize Wacom, Cintiq pen on PC Windows 10 platform

Shotgrid’s online collaboration software does not recognize my wacom pen. I hope to have the ability to do draw-overs. Shotgrid only allows me to annotate using my computer’s trackpad or a mouse.

There must be a simple fix.

When I do a search it gives me this answer:

If you use various inputs to control RV, such as Wacom tablets, then sometimes there is an incompatibility with the events those inputs generate and Qt. Try turning “Treat Stylus Events as Mouse Events” on from RV’s Preferences General tab to fix the issue.

I have the RV app installed on my computer, but my team communicates via the Shotgrid online app. RV app installed is not “speaking” to my Shotgrid online. I need the online version to recognize my cintiq.

I have a PC, Windows 10. This seems to be a PC problem as my coworkers with Macs are able to annotate with a cintiq pen.

Have you guys run into this before?

I see the same thing and can only use the pen when I set the Pen mode to Mouse.

It may be something inherent to the browser and Wacoms. I will try and do more research.

Actually its a problem with Windows Ink.

If you turn off Windows Ink it works.

As Windows Ink may need to be used for other programs you can just add a application profile so it only turns off windows ink when in Chrome.

It worked! Thank you so much!!

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