Problems of Reviewing with Tablet

I’m using shotgun creatives.
The Windows Ink option is turned on to enable the pressure.
A delay occurs when drawing with a tablet pen.
A typical delay is fine.
The problem is a 1 to 2 second delay that occurs when you first draw with a pen.

When drawing the first line, the delay causes a straight line.

There is no delay in the RV Player, but there is a point in the last line.

If you turn off Windows ink, all of these phenomena are gone, but I want to use pressure.

How do you solve these problems? Please help me.

About my system

Windows10 Pro
Intuos Pro (PTH451)
Wacom Driver Version 6.3.37-3

Cintiq Mobile Studio Pro 16

RV Player issue

Shotgun Create Lag

Hey @ringo—thanks for the question and welcome to the community forum!

We don’t have this exact setup available to us to right, but the team is looking into options.

Someone will follow up in a bit. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Ringo,

Thanks for the videos, those really help show off the behavior! Is there a chance you could make a stroke or two (until it reproduces) and then save the RV session and attach it? One thing I can see in your video is that the dot appears at both beginning and end of strokes.

RV doesn’t present itself as a Windows Inkable surface, so it is possible that it is sending an extra keystroke that Windows sends to non-inkable surface applications and interrupts the in-progress stroke. Having looked at your video, that’s my best theory so far.


Hi Ringo,

On the Shotgun Create side, we were able to reproduce an issue similar to the one you have reported in this post. When drawing several annotations on a frame, sometimes, a lag occurs and the drawing will either fail or end up in a straight line. It seems to affect only the Windows platforms.

It is currently being tracked in our database. Thanks for the report and detailed information!


Does anyone know if there was a fix to the RV Pen (dot) issue, I’m still getting it on a surface pro. and it sometimes draws straight lines as well

I am still getting this dot issue? How long until this is resolved?