ShotGrid Adobe extension not showing up in Photoshop 22.5.1

I am testing a new ShotGrid Photoshop CC 2021 workflow on macOS Big Sur, ver. 11.3.1 (M1 Mac Mini). The Adobe extension does not load.

I have checked for Photoshop preferences to enable the extension, but the menu for Extensions is no longer there. I did find a setting under Preferences → Plugins → Legacy Extensions, but both options listed are greyed out/inactive.

I am wondering if my version of Photoshop CC 22.5.1, running on Big Sur v11.3.1 is supported by ShotGrid or not? And, if it is, then why is the ShotGrid Adobe panel not launching? Without the panel, there is no integration…


22.5.1 is not yet supported and if they have altered/removed the extensions menu then I will assume Adobe has made a breaking change (they love making breaking/broken software changes and bringing them out as a “new version”).

According to the SG Docs, supported versions are: 2015.5 - 2020 .

Wow - missed it. :neutral_face:

I guess I will see about downgrading our version, thanks!

So, does that mean it should work with any 2020 version - 21.x ?

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After re-reading a couple of Autodesk’s Knowledgebase pages:

It has become clear that:

  • a) Photoshop 22.x (Photoshop 2021) is currently the only supported version for M1 Mac machines.
  • b) You can run Photoshop 2021 natively with limitations (missing or broken features listed on the web page) or you can run it under Rosetta2 with all the features, slightly slower, due to the Intel emulation…

So, Photoshop 2020 will not run at all on M1 Macs.
Given that fact, does anyone know when there will be a fix for the Photoshop ShotGrid panel not working in Photoshop 2021 on M1 Macs…?